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Why Does it Suck DI#K?

Dear Gayfinityward and Unactiv-ision,


      Why in S#its name does mw3 multiplayer suck sooooooooooooooo bad.  Is it because: (A) You are understaffed and need help maniging all the 6 year olds your games attract? (B) You are complete idiots who dont know how to make a good game (excluding COD4)? (C) You simply dont give a ****? (D) Your too busy counting all the mony you earn for shitting out the same contenet with a slight tweak every year. I would have to go with (E): all of the above. I honestly wish you would go back to COD4 style games. Ohh and by the way, i dont know if you noticed, but mw3 is already hacked. I mean seriously, black ops, an older cod is not as hacked as mw3. Plus mw3 is the latest call of duty. It will be like cod 4 by the time BO2 comes out.



                                                                   People who are old enough to actually play the game.