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Is there such as thing as a casual clan?

alright a friend and I are basically tired of getting spawn raped and/or having games (sabotage) over in 1 minute. We both have pretty good k/d ratios ( 1.90 and 1.84). I am more of a rush and gun player and plant, while other guy sits back a bit more and has people come to him + he defends bomb/plant site more then i do. What we are looking for is a clan/clan ppl that gets together mainly on the weekends or weeknights (PST) that we can tag along with and get some good sabotage games in for a few hours or so.


We arnt looking for a clan that requires daily partipcation/requirments but more of a casual clan that plays just to play. Maybe we could join in on some clan battles but thats not really our goal.


So yea if you got a casual clan or are a clan that also just plays to play drop me a line on psn: r8eR88dc or post here and let me know