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Little things I want to see in blops2 & things I don’t want to see


- Give us the option to not join games in progress

- Give us the option to select the maps we want join first / foremost

- No, split screeners in big competitive game modes please

- No, tactical insert, please remove this booster tool completely

- Give us the option to join regional matches first (uber local lock)

- Make the default search option local instead of  “default” for big game modes at least

- Good pump action shotguns, make them like the stakeout (great ads) with better max damage ranges (around 400 units max damage to 700 minimal)

- Add specialist streaks & KC (don’t give people point streaks for kills unless they take their tag please, make it all about the tags)

- The bigger your party, the bigger chance of playing people in parties should be aka better match balancing. Balance people by SPMs please & make separate mercenary tdm, dom & s&d playlists..

- Please, don’t add a perk let alone deathstreaks that grants someone a chance to kill a player after that said player already killed said player..

- The knife, make it only ohk from behind or only when the player isn’t already damaged, bar for the ballistic knife / tac knife which should ohk

- Express playlist from the get-go please

- Put ghost in the same tier as soh pro for say scavenger, don't give stealth players faster ads and reload ability without specialist streaks. Taking it the perks are similar


Feel free to add your own suggestions / points..