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Make this what mw3 should have been


Bigger more detailed maps please/ multiple levels not the really bad flat floor mw3 maps ....

Ideally dedicated servers for consoles but u could never do that obviously like bf3 did witch is half the company you are !?!?!?

About time you fixed the two dot connections writing this while on mw3 with a team and a half of two dots

Bring the camera back

Hardcore not as many hit markers please

Different attachments guns camo emblems ... Not the same old recycled ones

Do not use anything to do with mw3 in this game PLEASE

Defintaly bring back the interactive maps... Moving doors and stuff .... Fun fun

Basically do what ya did in black ops and this should b an amazing game


While cod 4 will always be the beastiest I no why .... Cod 4 did not stream game data it was all their ..... After that cods failed by trying to compress all that data to squeeze worthless things in

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    Agree with many of the points you make, not all, but many, especially the interactive maps.


    CoD4 is considered the best because it was something none of us had ever seen before. It was an amazing gameplay experience, simple yet endlessly entertaining.It gave us choices, made us decide between perks, and it came out before the community turned into what it has become today. People started it by playing for fun, it wasn't about MLG or stats or YouTube fame, all of which came later, primarily as a result of the popularity of this game. It was fun and simple and for a while you didn't have issues with campers or hackers. Its sad what its become now, going back.