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Ran into a new hack :(


Well this could have been going on before but this is the first I've noticed. I was playing a match of Team Defender and it was like being in a free for all in the sense that my HUD was displaying only me and I couldn't see anyone's name to see if they were friend or foe i had to move my cross hairs over them and see if it stayed neutral or turned orange (I was using CCP at the time) And not only that I had the flag and got several kills but my team's points stayed the same I left the match after that then got into a normal match.
And I say this is a hack because there was this guy playing but when I checked the score board he was in spectator mode and still had a score. When he died he got the tag next to his name and his name was Omen which pretty i found suspicious. Anywho, anyone else ran into this before?