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Why arnt we allowed to name and shame?

I was just wondering I popped on to post a screenshot of a game I took earlier today with two boosters on Terminal (surprising I know mw2 never had boosters pfft) and thought I would read the announcement at the top before doing so just to see who else I could send it too and as I read I was irked to read that one of the most effective forms of humiliation and discovery of boosters isn't allowed and I have to ask why?


Ok so as this is a cod forum lets take this to an extreme level of over the top and say that a world famous sports star was caught taking steroids now what is one of the most effective forms of punishment and a very public warning to others who are on the verge of or are doing the same thing? thats right the name and shame you drag that drugged up sports star through the mud and make sure everyone knows he cheated and this also ruins his public image which is huge for a sports star because unless he is sponsored by scum & co. they will immediately revoke his contract and stop paying him.


so why isn't this amazing form of warning and preemptive strike allowed against boosters if they know that say 10'000 odd people will read a forum about them being a boosting noob and that these threads will more than likely contain proof of boosting which = a hit from the ban hammer how likely are they to boost?


Reporting them we never get to hear if they are banned or reset unless some silly sod pops on here with his halo all shined up complaining about how he was "unfairly reset for boosting.


So what are the forum users opinions about the name and shame and I do hope that fox hound sees this and posts a reply because I would like to hear from a forum moderator on this subject.

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    Because its not the correct way to report players. Its not our job as a community to police the game, thats why the Mods and Enforcers have the tools to fully investigate.


    I know I get mad at times and am sure someone is cheating. I have learned to breathe and play the next match. A lot of times the guy who went 30-12 in the last game ends up negative in the next one. He just had a good game. Heck, I have had my share of beastly games and been accused of cheating, but if that person stuck around they'd see me fail epically the next round.


    Anyone can come on here anonymously and say "So and So did this and this." No proof needed, video can be manipulated. How would you like it if someone got mad at you in game and came on here spouting information that may not be true? It would taint your good name, true or not. The Mods and Enforcers can go back and check the footage, check the  in game stats, monitor Gamertags, check consoles. Just like you can't publish an article in the Newspaper accusing someone of a crime with no evidence for liability reasons, you can't post name and shame threads here.

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      Ok as I was writing the thread I did think that perhaps its because proof can be manipulated (not without a bit of effort) my proof by the way is a piccy of two guys gamer tags showing nice clear at the back the map in behind the luggage crates with tac inserts.


      I do get that people can fabricate proof and stuff however you have to be pretty pathetic to do that and it would take a lot of effort to make it look legit as to your liability point Im sorry but yahoo has dozens of articles online stating so and so is suspected of doing this and newspapers have articles all the time about big investigations and who the suspects are in them so thats bogus.

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    It isn't allowed because it can start needless drama on the forums, which just clutters everything.

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    Because you agreed to the Terms of the forum when you signed in ?


    As well as you agreed to Xbox Live Terms as well ?


    You joined this forum under THIER rules and no matter WHAT rule they make you have to follow it. It they made a rule that you cant talk about baseball then thats the end of the discussion.


    Just like the forum rules state. If you dont like the forum rules then leave.


    "If you do not agree with all aspects of this Code of Conduct and intend to follow it entirely, please leave now and do not participate in this community. "


    Besides THIS topic should be sent to Foxhound since he makes the rules. You are only getting assumptions from us.


    Sorry about the color change.

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    Yes, I'm the same Foxhound.


    There are only so many ways I can retell the stance. Esentially, we have a way of doing this and we expect it to be followed. Humiliation may work for some, but it has no place here. They're people too. They make bad choices, but we will not allow people to create scenarios in which harassment and possible reprimand from third parties can ocurr. That's not what our forum is about.


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    i have just sent emails to banwarden personally in the past with an attached video, works like a charm everytime!