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Chill PS3 Clan Recruiting 3+ kd

Jokers Legion is a level 25 PS3 clan that is basically just a group of good players playing together. We are looking for EU people to join us just too play, we also have som NA members (other places will cause lagg for yourselves). We mostly play TDM, KC, DOM, Ground war, infected. We will probably make a GB team, but thats just for those who want to participate.


Clan KD ratio is 3.15 and score per minute is 298(11. september) with 21 members. We are not looking to become a massive clan so accepting only a select few who can keep up with the rest of the clan. Not much happening in the clan at the moment as most of us are waiting for BO2.


Just know this is a chill clan. We dont aim to go big and become one of the high ranked clans in the world so if you`re looking for clans whos crazy for clan operations and such, this is not the place for you. Just playing with fellow strong players. Message Ze_Azzman on PS3 if you think you`re good enough. Dont just apply to the clan page without a message please. Tell us why you want to join and what region you are in when applying.