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Tactical Insertion boosters in Kill Confirmed - SIMPLE SOLUTION!

I've been playing this game since the day it came out and earned a respectable ranking of #18 for Kill Confirmed on PS3. I enjoy the game mode and it's especially fun to go out and chase MOAB's, because there is plenty of time to go and get bulk amounts of kills.


However, these is one thing that makes this game mode terrible...


The amount of boosting with the Tactical Insertion has become a MAJOR problem in this game mode. People using the Tactical Insertion need to be looked at, especially those with very high amounts of 'denies. The reason I need people to notice this is because IW is hopeless at banning those who are blantantly going against the Terms Of Service and making us legitimate players look bad by doing this:




People out there do use the TI properly in KC and I know someone will address this, but the TI is causing major troubles in KC, especially in 2v2 Face-Off modes. Something needs to be done, especially when you see that one player has 4 confirms, 2 kills and over 50,000 denies. IW has to clean this mess up... and fast.


I wanna know your opinions and what you think.