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Help from vets for 7th prestige

Ok. So far have kept: ACR, FAD, C4, RPG, MP7 and AK. What should I do with my next token? Time for a "create a class?" Or should I go for Scavenger? I was toying with the idea of keeping dead mans hand just to troll early on. Let me know your thoughts. I will prestige tomorrow. Thanks as always for your input.

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    In my opinion I would start getting some extra custom classes as having some extra options to choose from can come quite handy at times based on the situation at hand.

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    Well I'm not a forum vet but i am 10th prestige lvl 80, spend your token on extra create a class so when you reach 8 9 and 10 th prestiges you can have more classes for your guns that you end up starting to like . Also since you unlocked 4 guns get 500 kills with that gun then switch to another one and get 500 kills with that one do weapon challenges and you will be flying through your prestiges

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    If you think you need it, get an extra custom class slot. If not, then maybe use the token on a perk you really like and/or need.

    If it's any help, I spent my prestige tokens on:

    - 3 emblem and title packages (not a very common choice, but I did it)

    - 1 custom class

    - 8 or so guns, equipment, and perks

    Now, if you add the numbers above, you'll come up with 12 tokens spent. That's because I tried to prestige during that prestige glitch we had a few months back and accidentally gave myself some extra tokens :/

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    Go for custom classes for 7,8,9,10. Or get Scavenger, then custom classes for 8,9,10. I've gotten 7 custom classes total, and I still want more. I'm glad I'm only 5th prestige.

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    I think the best choice would be to go for the custom class.  The reason i say this is because it is something that will serve useful for the rest of your time on this game.  Lets say you went for scavenger.  Once you got to level 39, the level at which it is unlocked, that token you spent doesnt serve you any good.  When i was prestiging I had the mindset of "what will be most useful to me when I am max level."  In the long run, I think you would be much happier with a custom class. 

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    port radar and then assassin.

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    I will go for 5 custom classes (4th prestige now) and then get all the title stuff.

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    Dude , you should have taken the 1st 5 extra class`s on your 1st 5 stiges, then when you get to 10th stige you can get all the guns fully maxed and gold.


    My acc got hopped and I ended up with 15 classes for a while before I deleted it, and it was great. I started again, and the 5 classes sucked nads, so for my 1st 2 stiges ive taken the extra class. I prestiged about 25times on my previous 3 accounts, and nearly always took double xp, but that was just stupid

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      I took the extra class this time. I am using it to master the L86. I should not have wasted a token on the ACR since I rarely use it. When I use assault weapons, I use the AK or FAD. Happy with the other weapons I unlocked. From here on out I will unlock classes.