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[rS] Relentless Sniping | Run & Gun Clan | Level 9 On Elite

Welcome to the official recruitment post for Relentless Sniping! To tryout please fill out the form below and post it as a comment/reply!


These are the requirements for the clan.

1. Must have a K/D of 1.00 or higher

2. Must have Elite Premium (For Clan Ops)

3. You need to have a mic (Turtle Beach, Triton, Astro)

4. Must be decent at quickscoping/trickshotting

5. Please respect all leader and members


Reply to this post with the form filled out.




Do you have a mic:

If so, what kind:

Can you record:

If so, what with:

Youtube Channel:

GFX (Y/N):

Montage Editing (Y/N):


This is my contact information.


Skype: Westl55

Youtube: Mako1337

Xbox: rS Mako

Email: jwestlowery@comcast.net


Clan Stats/Information (Numbers may be inaccurate; constant activity)


Clan XP: 5,250

Hours Played: 1,357

Clan KD: 1.26

Clan SPM: 188.26