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(PS3) HATEDBYYOU Is Recruiting! [H4T3] Lvl. 37

     HATEDBYYOU is looking for new members! We are a level 37 clan with about 60 members in our clan, with 40 slots open! We need your help so we can try to be the best clan out there!



- Must have a 1.3 K/D or higher.

- Must be a Premium member or Founder!

- Must do 1 full Clan Operation Each week!

- If a player is inactive for Three Full Weeks, it will result in a permanent kick from the clan. No Invites will be resent! You gotta play to stay.

- Clan Challenges are not mandatory, but you can help out if you want to.


- Most importantly, you need to try your hardest on all of the Clan Operations.



     We get Gold on Clan Operations, but we would like to WIN! Which is why we need you to help us win!


     We will have QUAD XP ready for Double XP weekends, 8 hours of it!


     Don't forget to join our Facebook page! HATEDBYYOU


     And please don't comment on the Clan page asking for an invite, you must Apply.


     If there is a reason you cannot make it to the Clan Operation, you must contact the clan leader and tell him why you cannot make it.


     I am NOT the Clan Leader! So please do not send me messages asking me to invite you.


"We aren't doing our job until someone starts H4TING!"