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  • 10. Re: What is the point?

    No, I can read english just fine. Just don't see how you can call someone a camper for taking cover while their care package comes in. It's also like calling a person a camper cause they jumped into cover to reload or to call in some other killstreak. People like you deserved to be team-killed over and over again.

  • 11. Re: What is the point?

    It prevents them from getting undeserved, cowardly kills. They ruin the game for us, we ruin the game for them.


    Pretty sweet, huh?

  • 12. Re: What is the point?

    I didn't call him a camper. I said the guy who trapped him might've assumed he was camping and decided to trap him.

  • 13. Re: What is the point?

    Lol you're funny man.

  • 14. Re: What is the point?

    No, not "sweet" at all. Campers can be dealt with, I do it on a daily basis. They are a pain, but nothing.. I repeat NOTHING gives you an excuse to exploit the game and abuse your teammates. Just because someone doesn't play the way you do doesn't mean you are right and they are wrong.


    Nobody likes campers, but if you can't outsmart or outplay them, then the issue is with you, not them.

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    Awe the little campers make you mad? Hahaha, Also how does your teammates camping ruin the game for you?

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    What that player did to him was inexcusable, and yet you tried to say it was OK by saying that he shouldn't have been in a corner,  putting the burden of responsibility for that troll's actions on the OP. Thats like saying to someone who just got robbed 'You shouldn't have been carrying so much money" or " You should have locked your door".


    The problem here is the trolling behavior, not the OP playing the game as intended. So yes, it was rude to place fault on the OP.

  • 17. Re: What is the point?

    You what they say: "It's funny because it's true!"

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    I never said it was OK for him to do that.


    Geez, what's with everybody I talk to putting words in my mouth on here. It's ridiculous.

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    What's amazing is when you get corner trapped by a teammate that has been in the 5th or 6th place four or five matches in a row while you've been the top player on your team those same matches ... all the while circling a map a hundred times during a match.


    The beauty, the justice, those things come when the guy that's trapping you gets killed by an opponent and then you kill the opponent. That's hilarious because you know the guy that trapped you saw that happen in his kill cam.

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