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[DBD] Death Before Dishonor is recruiting members from PSN and Xbox Live - Clan Website - Application Form - Pro and Am team - Join the REVOLUTION



What's up guys, I'm XxSL4PST3RxX, Co-Leader of Death Before Dishonor


Death Before Dishonor is a new clan, created for the purpose of rewriting the books on how a clan is run.


We plan to do this without requiring our members to spend or have spent a single penny extra. That's right.


You don't need Elite. You don't need some ******* extra that a lot of clans want you to have just so you can join. All you need is a good attitude, a good KDR, a legitimate background, a gaming console, a controller or two, and Modern Warfare 3.


Insane? Ambitious? Inspired? Take your pick. But in our eyes, no one ever made history without a crazy idea and an astounding work ethic.


What makes our task even more hefty for us? Our administrators will not be online for a few months.


But still here we are, standing behind our clan and our ideas. We believe this can work. And not only will it work, but it will work exceedingly well.


Players can still send in applications on our clan website after they register here:




You can also reach us on the site. Just contact an administrator.




You can send in an application via email to dbdsquad@gmail.com with your answers to the following questions:



How old are you?

What is your current KDR?

What are your favorite weapons?

What is your current rank?

Are you a rusher, a camper, or both?

Why do you want to join us?



We look forward to growing and becoming a large gaming organization with gamers around the world.


We are always open to merging clans.


We are multi-console. We accept players who play on the Playstation Network, Xbox Live, and the PC.


Apply today and become one of the first members of the organized gaming revolution.