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Lag Issues with online multiplayer (PC)

Pretty sure Activision failed to establish a system of servers that would keep players from the same region on their own servers.  I can't go one single game without people from Russia, South America, Australia, Japan, Iceland, Netherlands and other random countries joining the game.  The way the servers are set up is garbage.  Even when I tried out the dedicated servers, I found a USA server and I was the only USA player on it.   They really fudged the bucket big.  Try pressing tab during any random game you're in...look for the players with yellow or red ping and check their profiles...They are almost always the players from foreign countries and you can't ever shoot them because they teleport due to lag issues.  I really enjoyed the game until this became such a sizable issue.  They need to have regional servers so I don't play with Australians.  Even the new f2p game Blacklight Retribution actually has servers dedicated specifically per region.  Activision is trash and is all about the dollar.  Really a quality game turned garbage.  Even BF3 has servers you can join where you are assured all players are from the same country.  Am I completely alone in frustrations dealing with foreign players who lag?  Anyone else agree?