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Noob Questions

Ok guys, yes I am fairly new to playing this online.

I'd like to know what the dedicated servers are please.

Also any advice on actually killing would be a bonus lol.

I've played 3 or 4 times and only managed 1 kill

It seems quite hard, or is it cause I'm rank 1 against rank 50's etc?

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    If you play on the dedicated servers, it is just down to you skills, as you have the same weapons as every one else, so it just takes practice.  you only level up on the poor P2P lobby, so what you should do is find a good server and stick to it and you will learn how other players play the game, tactics you could use are gun and run or snip and camp depending on what weapons you use.

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    Activision has succeeded in keeping dedicated server as esoteric as possible. I think most folks don't realize that you not only don't HAVE to rank up to have everything unlocked, in dedi-server; and that unranked dedi kits, (or load outs if you will) wich anyone can create in the private match lobby and Save  to use in any dedicated server. are separate from IWnet matchmaking lobby system. and in fact the kit's that everyone is trying so desperately to unlock won't follow you in to a un ranked server so there is really no need to rank up if you want to play in an ADMIN'd dedicated server; with all weapons perks and killstreaks (that sever admin allow ready to use. just go to you private mach lobby; build any kits you like and hop on one of many dedicated server; where every one has the same advantage. (and yes by dedicated servers, i mean rented; not some kid "hosting" on mommies ISP)

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      Am I missing something in this game

      Seriously, I've never found a game this hard to play online.

      Firstly, I'm there shooting the hell out of someone, they don't die but turn and shoot me dead.

      Secondly, I'm always getting shot from behind, Like I've got some kind of transmitter on me lol. They always seem to know where I am.

      I've played quite a lot now and upto rank 13, most kills in one match was 4 I think

      Apart from the odd lag when it takes my mouse about 3 seconds to turn and go the right way

      I'm enjoying it. just wish I could get a bit better

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        Maybe you're trying to hard: seriously, this game is MADE for noobs (not meat to be sarcastic)


        Hit boxes are gigantic, kill streaks earn kill streaks, hell you can even earn kill streaks for objective points, and for acuminated kills (support streaks), and deaths (death streaks)


        I have gone back to playing BO, and COD4, even COD2; and each game consecutively, I find I have become lazy from the last. (2 takes more skill then 4, 4 more skill then BO, and BO more skill then 4, and MW3 take the least skill of all).


        I imagine in BO2 I won't have to try at all...lol

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          Hmm, I don't remember struggling in COD 4 this much lol

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            Also, I know this isn't the forum but no one goes on the Black Ops forum it seems.

            I decided to have a go at black Ops online but don't understand how the join a match works

            It's obviously different to MW3 but can't I just join a random match server in BO like I do in MW3?

            far as I got was the list of unranked server, which I guess are the same as a normal MW3 match. Tried joining a British one but couldn't connect, then I joined one with only me on it lol.

            There was one from Holland I tried to join and it started downloading a mod?

            I mean what's going on?

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        well some of the game you will just have to learn in trial and error, there are routs you dont take, that will make you an easy target. stay on the out side edges of the map,so no one can really flank you. also never trust your teammates, just because they are begind you looking in a different direction doesnt mean they can hold thier own or have your back


        stay away from your teammates, they will get you killed with their foolishness. dont throw flashes and such randomly, that will give your location away. if you see enemys but they dont see you, then throw your flash, so their stunned and go in for the kill


        use assassin, port radars and blind eye. as your perk


        start with smg's and learn to get good at hip firing.. first one who shoots is usually the one who lives


        a few gems for you to look into

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    You have less health (or the guns are more powerful) in MW3 over BO.  So it's really easy to die and if you are lagging then it will seem like you've put a 1/2 mag into someone without a single hitmarker and they will insta kill you.  However, for someone just getting started, the action is more fast paced than BO due to the smaller maps.  I'd suggest moving around the map slowly and looking behind you frequently because there are flanking routes throughout the maps to make it easy for someone to get behind you.  Once you get used to it, things will settle down and you'll be getting kills like you're used to again.  Also, run a silencer to stay off of the radar.  It makes a huge difference when playing on small maps.