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Why MP7 and not PP90?

I've seen the majority of players using MP7 as sub machine gun, but what advantage it has against PP90? PP90 has more fire rate and I think the accuracy better.

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    PP90 has a faster time to kill if you hit all bullets, it has a better hipfire and is better close range. It does NOT have a better accuracy! The MP7 however is better overall, it can hit longshots across the map, great iron sights (goes for the pp90 as well), less muzzle flash when shooting which helps in long range firefights.. Basically the PP90 is the best gun in the game when it comes to short range, the MP7 is a combination between an SMG and an Assault rifle, it´s not the best long range, not the best at short range, but it is better than average at everything. You can use it on any map in any situation, that´s why a lot of people prefer it. I use both, and depending on the situation I´ll pick one of them. I don´t think one is better than the other, they are just different.

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    pp90 a good gun i use once in while when am not do good i use that

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    the mp7 beats the pp90 hands down in my opinion but the p90 can beat both of them

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    Wolf200 wrote:


    I've seen the majority of players using MP7 as sub machine gun, but what advantage it has against PP90? PP90 has more fire rate and I think the accuracy better.

    The MP7's recoil is predictable....WAY predictable...and you can easily run repid fire + suppressor and get EASY Osprey Gunnahs...no joke.

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    The MP7 is ridiculously accurate. Try killing someone using a MP7 from a long distance with the PP90. It's a lose lose situation most of the time. Although the PP90 will beat the MP7 in a face to face battle. Well through my experience anyways. I just love using the PP90 to clear rooms. The P90 is my favorite. I don't use any attachments, and like I do with all SMG's, I use range. But the PP90 is my most used SMG. I use range and extended mags. The MP7 I use range and rapid fire.

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    i pick MP5 over mp7 & pp90 .. if u know how to use mp5 you can get easy longshots.. i already beat alot of people using mp7 & pp90 & tell me im hacked cus i can use the mp5..

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      Cudos on using the MP5, it's an underused gun.  As for the most accurate, the MP7 is definitely the best, but it will lose up close to an PP90M1 because of the rate of fire.  Only the PM9 has a faster time to kill than the PP90M1 up close, but not a lot of people use it because of its poor range.

      I had a lot of issues with the PP90M1 accuracy without a silencer because of the muzzle flash, but found a red dot made it much more accurate at range for some reason.  Probably because it lifts your sight above the flash.

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    Mp7 is easier to control & has less no noticable muzzle flash than the pp90 especially with rf, which sucks mid range. Pp90 is king cqb and takes a hit outside it's zone needing 6 hits to kill at best, compared to 5 on the mp7 with better accuracy / precision, though the pp90 does have better max damage range. Mp7 is a more rounded gun and easier to use all-round. Arguably more effective mid range and especially on ar range, while still being very good cqb.

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    I was seriously hooked on the PP90M1 for a long time (it was the 2nd gun I got to 2500 kills); to this day, it's the only gun I'll use on Bootleg. That being said however, the others are right - the MP7 is just better at middle to longer ranges than the PP90.

    The SMG I'm really into at the moment though is the PM-9. What a little beast of a gun! All I'm gonna say is - try it on Piazza and/or Seatown sometime if you haven't already


    Keep your powder dry,


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      I use the PM9 on any map and do well with it.


      The only times I have problems is against head-glitchers.  When I run into a room and easily take out 2-3 people with it, I hear them screaming in the mic: "you f**ing lagger, no way you can shoot that fast*"


      PM9 with rapid fire and extended mags with scav pro as perk1 = unstoppable (hip fire only).  The only variance is your reaction time (mine is a little slow... but in the hands of someone with faster reaction times... they would be absolutely in a league of their own).


      On topic:


      I compared with the MP7 with various proficiencies and attachments etc... If you want a true ZERO recoil gun:


      MP7, with Kick and a silencer (silencer just reduce gun flash).  It is over kill (range is enough) but with kick you can stay on target across the map just holding down the fire button... it is stupid.

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    I've been using it almost constantly on the presigue I'm currently working through. I put range and an AGOC on it and was headshotting from the church down to the lower building on Mission! I took out snipers from their nest with it before they could sight and hit me!


    Yeah, it's OP... but that's why I'm using it. When there is something that is effective and you don't use it, then you are just putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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    I really love the P90 personally.  The PP90M1, MP-7, and UMP45 are all a close second IMO.  I can do well with either gun, but when I NEED to catch up, I pull out my P90.  For me, it just out classes all the other SMG's. 

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    The PP90 was the first gun that i got gold, and i think i have more kills with it that most other guns, i normally use silencer and ext mags with it..