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Hackers think their so Bad*ss

I went into a S&D match and this dude was on the other team and i didnt know he was hacking. Later i was the last alive and i planted the bomb and suddenly it started raining semtexes o.o (or however u spell it). So in conclusion: Never eat cheeese

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    hello, I'm the future president of the world. Good day sir!

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    I agree. Never eat cheese for it will cause you to unleash a fart so loud that everyone in the game lobby can hear it through your mic. Then, a hacker will be disgusted at your fart, and hop you, permanently changing your IGN to "MY FARTS R LOUD". You will then be depressed, scarred, bitter, and swear that you will have your revenge on cheese. You then run for president, spew out a whole bunch of lies in order to get elected, and then outlaw cheese in your country. You then declare war on France (which you officially rebrand as "The Country of Fart Conspirators") because of the famous cheese it produces. You deliver a powerful, moving speech, on the "evil Farties trying to make innocent people fart" and invade France. However, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, who are also producers of cheese, support France, and the four countries form the "United Cheese Producers of Europe", or "UCPE", striking back against you. You then decide to resort to a new biological weapon that will destroy all cheese in the blast radius, and launch a couple hundred missiles loaded with the weapon, which you call "CA9000", or "Cheese Annihilator 9000". The UCPE counterattacks with their own weapon: thousands of "cheesers", which are bombers converted to drop 100-ton blocks of cheese. With your country now covered in the evil fart-giving cheese, you commit suicide, and the UCPE take over your country. As punishment, each citizen of your country must eat three sticks of cheese every day. The entire battle will go down in history as the "Cheese War", when the UCPE valiantly defended cheese lovers around the globe from the tyranny of your mad delusions.