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New perk system anyone? My ideas for future Call Of Duty's


I had a new idea for a perk system in Black Ops 2 or any other future games of Call of Duty. Here is my idea:


Fisrt we start out with Four perk tiers. Since that would leave us with 20 perks some can be split the same way Sleight of hand and cold blooded were split from MW2. By "split" i mean that in MW2 sleight of hand would make you reload faster. Sleight of hand pro let you aim down sights faster. In MW3 sleight of hand let you reload faster and quickdraw let you a.d.s. faster, making both skills into 2 different perks. The same goes for cold blooded, it was "split" into both assassin and blind eye. Since perks like one man army were removed because of endless grenade launchers and bullets perks had to be split and rethought. A lot of this rethinking involved making the pro versions of perks differernt and better. With my

idea of 20 perks, splits can be made on perks that exist in MW3. Below is a representation of my idea using perks from MW3 as examples and question marks to represent future possible "splits" on existing perks.


Tier 1
Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Sleight of HandHardlineStalker?
Extreme ConditioningBlast SheildSitrep


Blind EyeAssassinSteady Aim?
ScavengerOverkillDead Silence?

My idea will allow players to either:

  • Chose one perk from each tier allowing for you to have 4 perks


  • Chose 3 perks from any tier with no restrictions (even 2 or 3 perks from Tier 4)


This idea comes from me wanting more perks sometimes and wanting two perks that were in the same list. I thought about it for a while and came up with this idea, making it easier to specialize in your perks to your play style and also making it fair to have any 3 perks you want by adding a fourth perk for those who chose to use it.


Thanks for reading and considering, leave any thoughts you have about my idea and your own thoughts about any new perk systems you can come up with.

               Thanks!, bkisinger