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Why am I bad at MW3 and good at Black Ops?


Both games have their issues. HELP

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         It's because most "Pro Gamers" left Black Ops, and all that is left is the "noobs". You aren't bad, it's just that Black Ops, and all past COD games, are full of noobs now.

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    LOL ive played 20+ days in COD4( 1.7 KD) MW2(1.85KD)  BLOPS(1.92KD) and MW3(1.59 KD). Funny how my KD in MW3 is well below the other CODs.... got better and better at evry COD up until MW3..... gotta love it eh.

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    Because if you have a bad game on Black Osps, you can go let play Zombies! Black Ops also has a lot less bs than mw3. In mw3 you work hard to get your reaper and before it gets into the sky its down and a kid spawns behind you and kills you. Then when you spawn again you kill a guy and he falls into DMH and kills you.Good old mw3!

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    This might be beating a dead horse but a huge reason I'm struggling more with MW3 than other CoD game is the lag compensation.  The way it is now every single game I'm watching as 4-6 of my final bullets just don't even register.  I've basically come to terms that regardless of how l I aim when I'm about a second behind someone else because they have Wallmart internet I'm just not going to come out the victor.

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    I am the same way, and I think its because MW3 is just more frenetic. There are constant tubes flying, constant killstreaks, akimbo automatic secondaries,  and with the connection and gameplay issues you never know what you are going to get.


    I don't think I was tubed in Black Ops for the first several months, and I remember being shocked when it happened. Its gotten worse now as far as tubing goes, but it wasn't as common in its heyday.


    I felt Black Ops played a little smoother. I rarely had people appear out of nowhere to kill me, and the sound cues were better.


    The other advantage was having Combat Training. Not only did I use that to improve my game, it helped me learn the weapons, maps, equipment, and killstreaks. Plus, if I was getting tired but still wanted to play, I could go in there. I tend to stay up too late playing MW3, and without combat training I stay in public lobbies and play horribly because I am so tired.

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    Its really on how you play, if you try and use MW3 tactics in BO your just going to fail..


    I can still go on to BO now and do good, I have 2.02 KD on MW3 and 2.04 KD on BO

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    My K/D in Black Ops is a 2.27.  My K/D in MW3 is a 2.27.  I stayed the same

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    I know a lot of my problems are related to Lag Compensation. I guess it has been in all of the CoDs but in this one they just turned it up to 10. The game almost feel scripted now, one game we get totally dominated in TDM I look at their K/Ds and there isn't one over 1.1. Very next game, absolute domination for our team against the same guys. I was playing MW2 the other day and I just couldn't believe how much smoother it felt and how I actually got the kills that I should get(despite being tubed out of my mind lol.)


    I can also say after playing MW2 and having Terminal added to the maps, that MW3 maps are terrible! lol I think mine range from Fallen at 1.9ish to Mission at 1.6.


    Just overall I think, for a money grabbing purpose, MW3 was built to try and bring the lowest KDs up and the highest down.

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      I totally relate to your point about getting destroyed by 1 KD guys and dominating them the next game.  I will have games where I am getting owned, as soon as I come up against a guy I react immediately, bring my sights up very quick with quickdraw on an SMG vs an AR in CQC (no reason I should lose all things being equal) and say to myself "good reflexes, you got this" - only to almost instantly die. 


      My reaction in a game this happens a lot is "these guys must be damned good with ridiculous reflexes.  Then in the lobby afterwards check their KD,s all .5 - 1.2.  Mine is a 2.53. 


      Now I know KD does not equal skill, but then we go into the next game and we destroy the same guys, no longer dying almost instantly after I see them, either it's fair, or there are definitely games where I feel I am getting the jump on people and feel unstoppable.  Even if it evens out in the end, I'd rather it just be fair all the time.

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    I think it's because Black Ops was more well-rounded whereas MW3 took a couple of steps back from what Black Ops set out to conquer due to half of the InfinityWard staff quitting and Activision hiring a totally redundant company like Beachhead to fill in the gap.




    - Black Ops took steps to counter noob tubers with Flak Jacket, MW3 made it easier for noobs to tube, they even introduced several secondary weapons specifically built for these scrubs. Blast Shield = useless perk


    - Black Ops took steps to counter team killers, it took MW3 about a month or two to bring in "Ricochet" even so, how many times have you accidentally killed a teammate by dropping an airstrike on the wrong side of the map?


    - Black Ops didn't have Sitrep Pro where you could soundwhore like crazy, all everyone and their mothers do in Search & Destroy is rock Sitrep Pro.


    - Black Ops didn't have Specialist killstreaks or a Support killstreaks, UAVs, ballistic vest, etc. weren't flying around everywhere, you also didn't have super soldiers with their Sitrep Pro, Dead Silence, Pro, etc. running around.


    - Black Ops gave you the option of turning off game music, whereas MW3 still does not. If you rock Turtle Beaches, Astros, Trittans, etc. Your ears are ****** every time you're in a lobby which adds more stress overall.


    When Activision called MW3 the most "balanced" COD yet. It still makes me giggle like a little school girl.

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    I am the opposite, in that I am good at MW3, 2.53 KD and 75 MOABs. 


    In BLOPS, 1.17 KD and when I went back to it a few weeks ago and tried to do the higher killstreaks, I couldn't even get to my dogs in several games.   Then popped in MW3 and got 4 MOABsa couple hours (1 FFA, 2 TDM, 1 KC - no DOM)


    I think it's just that I played MW3 a lot more than I ever played BLOPS, so I'm just used to the maps, weapons, routes, style, perks, etc.  Also, like many have said in the past, MW3 is more friendly to the noob bc shorter time to kill = less time for the better player to outplay someone who might have the initial drop on them.   Plus the guns have less recoil and you have to control it for a shorter time to get the kill.


    Playing BLOPs, but being so used to MW3, I had a harder time controlling the weapons through the entire kills bc they took longer and IMO there was more recoil on the weapons.  Add that to me not knowing the maps/routes, etc as well as MW3, and I played OK but not great, sometimes plain bad.  

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    You die much faster in MW3. Therefor those who run around like headless chickens and play like it doesnt matter if you die cause you just respawn, are suffering. Its this "A kill thats not worth putting in a montage isnt worth anything" attitude, that has people getting beat up in MW3.

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    Something else worth mentioning is running specialist and how it contributes to percieved BS moments for players. Ive noticed when Im killed first, even though I have a quickdraw + SMG and they have an LMG + lets say Assasin,  the enemy player that killed me could have had specialist perks that cannot be viewed in the killcam view ie quickdraw and steady aim pro which drastically increases their ADS speed. Especially with specialist bonus providing all weapon proficiencies like kick, flinch, etc as well as all perks. An LMG can outgun an SMG with it activated. Plus you get lightweight effectively allowing you to blast round corners and ADS at enemies in super fast time creating what appears to be a lagtastic BS death for the enemies point of view. I've had occasional messages post game from a few people saying Im cheating somehow (sprinting/ADS too fast for an LMG user) but I tell them use specialist and get the bonus = easy mode if your equipped with an SMG/AR/LMG. They didn't know because the killcam showed my three primary perks only (SOH,Assasin, Stalker).

    In BO for example, if you hear an M60 chugging away and you're around the corner with an AK74u you KNOW you have a high probability of winning if you go toe to toe with the M60 user. In MW3 this same logic simply cannot be applied due to the above.


    Instead of innovating all IW did was break up the existing mechanics and perks from past CODs and made them individually selectable to give the false impression this game has "new stuff". Instead the above has contributed to creating greater BS moments that can be hard to decipher from genuine connection issues sometimes. Both factors combined make for a very frustrating experience. Previous CODs didnt have this proficiency and specialist system, it definately contributes towards  percieved BS deaths by guns which simply should not have killed you seeing as you have what on the surface looks like a superior twitch setup.