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MW3 PS3 clan - Adults (25+) - USA CAN UK EU - MogZ - recruiting - also Battlefield3

The MogZ of War
Forum - mogzclan.forumotion.co.uk

Concept - clan for adults who will .. communicate in game, PTFO, help each other on forum and in game, make friends, be decent, have fun!

For adults with a love of FPS games on PS3 - Battlefield3, MW3, Black Ops2, Medal of Honor.

No requirements for 'attendance', no K/D requirements - just join us when you can and learn to enjoy gaming with friends / working as a team.

All countries, all backgrounds, ladies and men welcome.

New clan - help us to shape the MogZ future.

Mature Older GamerZ.

(people aged 21-25 who we know to be mature will be able to join)