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Do you like my new video/montage?

Here is a new montage titled Sniper Rage 1 by N|R|Force -[BAZ]-

Gameplay mainly on the best MW3 server on PC: NRForce.com Sniper Only


So, what do you think? Please rate and more.


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    No, boring and staged.  I wouldn't usually do this, but I am going directly on your youtube page to dislike this.

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      Ok, thats your opinion,but I wonder why you think I staged things, which part because all footage was my actual gameplay against unsuspecting players, and left unchanged exept cut to only the exiting bits.

      This is just some of the nicer footage taken from theater mode that records automatically ingame.

      I am not a person who fakes things. Originality is my middle name.

      Thx. Keep the comments coming.

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        Majority of the games the red dots stay constant on minimap and everyone else is trying to snipe, or at least running around with sniper rifles.  You took no damage from gunfire, or nobody tried to shoot you (except for one time in the video).

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          Hilarious, I will take your accusation as a compliment and am waiting for comments written by more experienced gamers. Think for a minute longer and you might come to the conclusion that your observations were wrong.


          I will continue to defend myself:

          The majority of the matches took place on the NRForce Sniper Only server and getting shot wouldve meant getting killed as health is set at half or minimum, so you wont see me getting just injured. Anyone can see that I was constantly under attack. Ofcourse I wouldnt include each time someone put an end to my killstreaks, because that wouldve been something rather boring in my opinion as it does happen alot in a game where the spawnpoints are that extreme, even to me and I bet you, if you try to compile 2 hours of footage into a useable 3 minute montage you wouldnt leave useless material like deaths inside.

          I dont know what youre talking about with the UAV dot, anyway youve made me laugh.

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            Look at the minimap in your videos, red dots are always lit.  Basically, you're saying its staged with the NRForce Sniper Only server.  Just a whole bunch of people trying to QS, not even real gameplay.


            By staged, meaning everyones sole purpose is to make retarded montage videos.


            I'm glad you find me funny.  I make comedy videos, and even though I tell horrible jokes I take clips of people laughing and edit them to make me seem like I am good.

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              There was only 1  goal in my mind when playing in these matches the same as in any matches, and that was to win.

              I did not stage things or wasnt even trying to make nice kills, this is my regular Sniper FFA gameplay from within a small time period with just the nicest parts cut into 3 minutes, thanks to MW3´s theater mode. I dont think you understand as you seem to be someone who thinks that sniping shouldnt belong in this game, have prejudice and call players that like competing retards and therefore there is no taking you seriously.

              But I do challenge you and anyone else who thinks the NRForce Sniper server is a joke to come visit it anytime.


              I actually was trying to figure out what makes a montage better, trying to get advice or maybe even some quality help from people with more montage experience for future projects as I dont have the expensive programs. And to spread the word that our clan is recruiting (18+) new gamers and artists in the year 2012/13. Contact -BAZ- over Steam if interested.

              But so far the only responses were some silly accusations that I were to have staged this montage, faked my gameplay, and some childish vid of people spamming the text chat or mic ingame, comments from people clearly not old enough to own this game.

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      +1 It's tedious and self-aggrandizing.


      The most entertaining MW3 video I have ever seen posted here is this one:




      Because it's completely mad and funny.