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Freezing Wii

Does your Wii ever freeze while playing? Mine just froze randomly during a match. Also a couple matches later a "hacker" said, "All your Wii's are about to be frozen." And my Wii froze before the match could start. Is freezing Wii's the coolest and latest "hack" out there?

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    Idk how people freeze wiis i think thats like a hack but idk what it is unless he throws like unlimited c4 and it freezes everyones wii same exact thing happened to me 14-0 with a riot shield on arkaden then some dbag hacker comes in and freezes the game

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    Freezing Wii's has usually been something that happens to those of us that get host duties.  The Wii doesn't have enough resources for a game like this and can lock up occasionally.  I have heard others say they all had their Wii freeze at the same time in the same match.  It could be a hack but someone else pointed out that there is a glitch that may allow this to become possible.  Either way, it's just yet another reason to find another game to play as this one has gone down the sh!ter

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    It's a glitch. That's what's truly sad is that as soon as some retard like Aero finds it out they'll post it on their channel "in hopes it gets fixed".

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    Yes as Noah said its a glitch. Very easy glitch and i know how to do it but i never do it because its damaging wii.


    If someone like Dazran or someone else post this on youtube then its gonna be a Major problem.

    Good thing is that Treyarch knows about this and they will put it in the next patch which IS coming.


    If not,then they will fix it in hotflix but this glitch works also on xbox and ps3 too.

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    More like views.

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    and subscribers.

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    It's happened to me recently, I don't know why. It was when  I was searching for a match then I toke a look at my weekly wins, BOOM! The Wii freezes.

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    That is diffrent. that is the lag servers.


    But the thing that happend to sovietcookie is made by a player.

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    ^ LOL

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