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PS3 MW3 crashes after every game online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MW3 crashes after every game online during the leaderboards. Its seriously fustrating as I have to turn off my console and there is no escape... as if I leave the game it just goes black. There are some clues beforehand whether it will crash. These clues are:


.No Announcements - During the game, many announcements such as "UAV Online" and "Kill Confirmed" are not present


. No Introduction- When I start the game, there is no voiceover saying the game mode and the quote after it eg "Team Defender... who Dares Wins"


I know for certain that this is NOT the MW3 disc as campaign and spec ops wor fine and splitscreen works fine also

Also it is NOT the connection... it can still sign me in and other games work perfectly (Including other CoDs)


My laser is not bust as DVDs can still play as well as other game without problems.


Can someone tell me the source of this issue please this is getting annoying. Also the solution.

Please do not mention cleaning the disc, deleting the data and disabling theater mode as I have tried these to no avail. Thanks

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    yes wide-spread issue.


    I also noted (very apparent yesterday) that after games it freezes or simply does very weird things:


    - Server disconnect (could have been a dashboard, but it happens to often for that)

    - I had a final kill cam that was under the map.  No hack or glitch (nobody was under the map), but the kill cam was

    - players constantly getting dumped after each game, having us to rebuilt the party

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    The source of the issue is this failed company.  I've been getting tons of server disconnect messages and random team mate dropping more and more lately. 


    Just wait, in another month or so we'll have some much better games to play and this will become my putter for Frisbee golf. 

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    I been having the same problem in fact the day you posted this problem im 80 20 that it's a update i never did have this problem after the update. Im trying to ask around the playstation network for answers but nothing came up. I look on the web and founded out when the games came out people hade this problem it might be the same thing.


    For ps3 a new update is coming out i dont know if this will fix the problem. If it dont i might just wait for black ops 2 to come out we dont have to deal with this.I got elite for 50 and the game for 60 i payed good money for this at lease we should get is a good gaming experance.