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    I have a c4 triple and a c4 quad final kill cams that were pretty sweet.

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    i think the best cam ive seen, but it wasnt mine, was of the enemy team. it happened a couple of days ago on seatown, if i can get it uploaded ill put it on here.


         guy was running with a smaw near that hole in the ground by the dome structure shot a missile towards the windows and it went thru the window and killed a guy laying prone on the ledge that extends out of the building everybody goes too. the ledge no1 actually goes on because ull die but he did anyway. the guy he was shooting at was originally by those windows but it missed him went thru the window and hit the other guy was hillarious lobby was nonstop noise for like a good 30 seconds.

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    oh i also forgot i almost had a 4 person multi-kill with an ims for final kill but the game was at 7300 so i only got a double kill.


         was on mission they spawned and started to run for the center where all the buildings are and in the kill cam one after another ran past it. 1st guy tripped it and the 1st and 2nd guy died while a 3rd and 4th were directly behind them. i was so irritated to have missed out on a multikill with an ims =/. if there were enough kills left i would have had a 5 person kill feed because i was in the middle of shooting a guy too.

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    Game winning killcam with the AC-130 on Arkaden as I was newish to the killstreak and I had a habit of getting it on maps that are unfriendly with air support.  Now I'm getting better with it.  Would like to unlock it when I'm playing on Interchange.  That should be fun.

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    I have 4 that stick in my head.


    1 was a pure luck one. Was a tiebreaker SnD on Bakaara and I was the last one left vs 3 of my friends. They were going down the stairs in the broken construction area and I saw the first go by and the other 2 following. I had a claymore at the base so let the first pass and was going to snipe the next 2. First one goes down the stairs and I draw a bead on the 2nd's head. I heard the claymore click so I shoot to take the second one down. Then search for the 3rd. I look frantically for 2-3 seconds and then the game just ends. I thought the last person timed out. All the sudden I hear yelling "Why in the world would you be humping my leg!!!" etc etc. kill can pops up and apparently the first guy trip the claymore and backed up when the 2nd and 3rd person were headed down. 1 shot 3 heads ftw. I could not stop laughing.


    2nd was a quick scope/throwing knife. I was an idiot and thought there was only 1 person left on interchange SnD where we were up 3-0. So I did the normal guy thing and say "watch this" I run up and try to replicate a jump 180 quickscope before landing that a friend did and has been bragging about ever since. So I jump pull a 180 and pretty much blind quick scope. I always toss my throwing knife immediately after in case I miss my quick scope. Well the quick scope was about an inch right, but yet still killed a person then the throwing knife ricochets off the wall and hits a second person before I hit the ground. I was laughing and apologizing in the game lobby as it was 100% pure BS ending highlighting how much I suck yet were handed a gift from IW.


    3rd wasn't mine. Playing 9 lives FFA on Dome with friends I said above, only 2 people were left. 1 player had an AS50 with ACOG and was getting shot in the ramp between the dome and the bunker. The one with the AS50 was just coming out of the bunker and the other was coming down the ramp. The AS50 screen starts going red so he flips to his left and quick draw fires with his ACOG blindly. It hits 10-15 feet to the left of the other guy off the bunker, that's right it RICOCHETS OFF the bunker, and OHKs the other person for the game winner. He still has it in theater mode.

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    I have to get into the C4. Messed around with it on Black Ops a bit but haven't used it at all on MW3. The people who use it seem to really enjoy it. I bet that makes a very satisfying splat when you get a quad lol.

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    Those are the best ones, where something crazy like that happens. Nobody curses and yells "Cheater!" they just all share a laugh. Good stuff!

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    I have to say that I always like seeing claymore kill cams. I know it's nothing amazing, but usually one of 3 things happen.


    1) they try to back away like nothing happened- not as funny


    2) they try jumping only to be blasted 10 feet- moderately funny


    3) you see them turn to look at the claymore after the click of tripping it. This is always when my mind always supplements a voice over saying things like "oh sh$&" or something to that manner- I always find this one funny for some reason.

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    c4 multi-kills are always good

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