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(PS3 Clan) B0$$ Recruiting

B0$$ Recruiting                                        






  • Recruiting: Founders/Premium/ Select Free
  • Requirements: 1.0% K/Dr and W/Lr upon joining if you are not a premium or founder
  • Founders/Premiums: MUST compete in clan ops
  • Headset: Preferred but not required
  • Type of player: team players, Team leaders
  • Positions needed: We are looking for leaders for SnD, Headquarters, Domination, Web Designer, Youtube Editor.
  • Clan Level: 7 (271 from level 8)
  • Roster Size: 9


     We are a bunch of laid back relaxed players who enjoy winning in public matches and private match shenanigans. All of us here at B0$$ appreciate your time you spent for reading this. Please have a good day and take care. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post here or message me on PSN Leymord.