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    This is indeed a better example.  That guy was wearing that hitmarker right in the middle of his torso.  That was not a grazing shot, and should have sealed the deal at that range.

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    Here's my piece on shotguns.


    All pump action shotguns should have OHK capabilities to torso (not chest) and head with a lethal range of 150-200 yards. The longest range on the biggest  map is approximately 2000 yards. Guns like the M16, MK14 and the Sniper Rifles have damage drops at that range.) Pump action shotguns should be given 4-8 shots per clip and 1 reserve clip. If they have a 4 round clip then the pump time should be short and swift but if they have an 8 round clip then pump times should be slower. With a 4 round clip the reload times should be faster than the reload time of an 8 round clip. Any pump action shotguns with 5,6 or 7 shot clips will be somewhere in between. So for pump shotguns you can decide wether you want more ammo with a slower reload or less ammo with a faster reload. Or do you want less ammo with less time between shots or more ammo with more time between shots.


    All semi-auto shotguns should have a OHK capability to the head and chest (not torso) with a lethal range of 150 yards. All semi-auto shotguns should be given 8-12 round clips and have 1 reserve clip. Semi-auto shotguns with an 8 round mag should have a faster reload time than the ones with the 12 round mag. Semi-auto shotguns with a 12 round mag should have a slightly slower rate of fire at approximately 250 rpm. An 8 round shotgun should have a slightly faster rate of fire at approximately 300 rpm. So for the semi-auto shotguns the less ammo you have the faster your reload time and fire rate is, for more ammo per mag you sacrifice reload speed and rate of fire.


    All fully-automatic shotguns should have OHK capabilities to the chest (not torso) and head with a lethal range of 100-150 yards. All fully-auto shotguns should be given 6-8 round clips and have 2 reserve clips. Fully-auto shotguns with 6 round clips should be given a faster reload time than the ones with 8 rounds. Fully automatic shotguns should have a relatively slow rate of fire at approx 400 rpm. All fully-autos should have the same rate of fire. Same deal basically for these ones. If you want fast fire rate then you get a smaller magazine. If you want more ammo per mag then you sacrifice some reload time.


    All shotguns should have equal hipspread and ADS time. All shotguns should have equal run speed and all shotguns should be a OHK to the head at 50 yards or less.


    With these stats the shotguns should be secondary weapons. They will have dominance at close range and that range is increased with precision and good accuracy. Slow fire rates will keep them from being overly dominating and low mag count and low reserve ammo will prevent them from being spammed and overpowered.

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    Make your own conclusions. If you think this is fine, the Model is just for you my friend.



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    With those ads tweaks shotties would be easier to use all-round. A lot of people will agree that the pumps, model and aa12 need some work, especially cqb.


    I agree with most of the power buffs & ads movement speed increase (on pumps / the model at least). I would add usas12 sprint time to all too, bar for the striker. However don’t give them easy accuracy adsed. Pump shotties should be skill based at range, thus be about hip fire accuracy & fast aim cqb > if you aim fast (just before full ads) you keep steady aim hip fire accuracy now right? That's fine. The current ads accuracies are fine cqb a big spread isn’t bad if you’re on target at all (it can actually help then with player movement cqb), especially with the power buffs on pumps (2-pellet kills). The further away your are the more skill you should need to get a potential ohk, as you now need great hip fire accuracy to gets those shots off..


    Those ads tweaks would see plenty of longer range ohks. Yeah, it wouldn’t increase the ohk ranges they have now with excellent steady aim hip fire aim, but it will make it significantly easier to get those shots center mass. Hell their current hip fire accuracy stats are not that accurate. So yeah, highly doubt they will give them a power buff (especially the ksg on 2/9) with superior ads accuracy to what they now have hip firing which is a lot harder to pull off constantly while needing to give up a perk for it. If you have great aim with the spas & steady aim hip firing you deserve great ohk potential as it's not easy at all to get those long shots lined up then center mass constantly. Getting there adsed is a lot easier, thus it should have less accuracy, which isn't a problem cqb like said, especially with the power buff.


    I would only give the ksg12 that accuracy buff adsed without any power buff as it has 9 pellets compared to 8 on the model and spas, I would actually give it the 3 spread adsed the stakeout has in blops, it has the least overall range of the slow shotties, so it should be the most accurate / easiest to use with less damage overall. It has good max damage range as well, better than the stakeout in blops and a pellet more. It would be the most connection based shotty though.


    Shotguns didn’t even have those ads stats in mw2 for a reason, they would be rightfully called “Noob” weapons then. Hip fire necessity makes them good in their zone (insta-kill ability) and a lot more skill based all-round in their ranges. If you want easier aim > aka ads you shouldn’t have great accuracy with guns that do what 400 damage after the buff with damage..


    Long range shots would be fine with perfect / great center mass shots with steady aim, as they are hard to pull off. If you don’t use steady aim on the spas or model, you shouldn’t expect to land those shots outside their cqb zone frequently. They would still be good without steady aim and 2-pellet kills. (model would still need steady aim though).


    I agree with the slight usas12 buff and I would also buff the striker to 8 pellets with a lower fire rate of say 200, making it more powerful (constant 1-2 shot kill, 3 at worst) but less spammable. I do not care what they do to the aa12, but it clearly needs a real buff as well, a good power buff & a slight range buff with a fire rate nerf to around 300 would be ideal imo..

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    What do you mean when you say add OHK capabilites to the torso and head? If you mean give them head/torso multipliers, that won't happen due to techinical reasons.

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    Pause it when the hitmarker is visible.  It's center is on the very edge of the helmet, a grazing shot.  Honestly, I don't have a problem with this hitmarker.  Your marked up image isn't entirely accurate.


    The Model is my #1 gun in terms of total kills.  I'll take it, thank you very much, my friend.


    I'm on your side, but this isn't the problem.

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    The buff was necessary, but I would of rather buffed the AK and PM9 in ways that would still make them hard to use but more competetive.



    The AK47 was outclassed by the ACR for reasons other than just recoil. Faster reloads, higher RoF and OHK in all ranges in hardcore. I still would of supported giving it a 1.1x torso multiplier instead of less kick, it would of still been hard to use but more competitive against the ACR.


    The PM9 of would of rather supported faster reloads. The PM9 is mean't to be hipfire only and the reloads was its problem.

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    You can't do this with any of the other shotguns.  The AA-12 would be out of ammo by then 

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    Correct, it isn't entirely accurate. It is already more off target since there aren't frames enough to do it right. I believe, however, that I got the closest possible, since I matched the player gamertag in both occasions. If it is not that, it is closer. But you are right. Nothing will come out of this pointless argument

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    You guys forgot the Shotgun attachment. Its needs a buff as well.

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