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    And that's the way it should be: Shotguns should be able to get consistent OSK within at least their max damage range provided proper aim.


    I'd almost bet that regular shotgun users have more close range hitmarkers that SHOULD have been OSK than long-ranged OSKs that should NOT have happened. I usually see it as "I got a OSK at max range on a full health target... well, that kind of makes up for the 10 previous point-black center-mass hitmarkers I had so far this game..."

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    Show me a video of that happening consistently.  Or ever.  Seeing how the max range even with the range proficiency is 22 meters I *(for some reason)* doubt they exist.  The damage at range of this batch of shotguns is pathetic and is far worse than several previous cod titles.  You have to be spot on accurate to get any range out of them in core modes.  Not to mension manditory use of steady aim for any range effectivness.


    So since none of what you said above is actually happening you are really saying you feel shotguns are balanced.  I am going to assume *(big assumption)* that you have little to no personal use of the manual action shotguns in mw3.  The manual action shotguns in mw3 are among the lowest performing weapons statistically in terms of k/d and total kills.  And they display glaring inconsistencies in performance at the ranges where they should be very reliable.  In other words bs hitmarkers at point blank ranges.  Like these

    I have multiple dosens more of these that are just as bad.  This is a well documented issue with thousands of videos from thousands of different sources displaying the same inconsistent performance.


    I think its safe to assume that we all feel that the above hitmarkers should not have happened.  But I also understand that people (usually uninformed people) do not want an increase in the range performance of the shotguns.  This buff we are proposing was designed to have little to no impact on the range effectiveness of the pump shotguns.  In fact only the ksg will see any increase in reliable one shot kill range with the proposed buffs.  And that increase is small at .65 meters.  And the ksg already has the shortest one shot range of all of the pumps (1.5 meters shorter) so even with this increase the ksg will not one shot kill farther than the other pumps do already.  All this buff does is eliminate a significant portion of those close range inconsistencies that are displayed in the videos above.


    My advice is use the pumps for yourself, try to level them all the way to damage.  Then come back here and tell us what you think.


    NOTE: ** indicates sarcasm.

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    Every gun in this game is capable of gettin bs hitmarkers at close range. The scatterguns are not the only to do this.


    You do realize at this point in time that there will be on SG buff coming to this game, they have no reason to do so no matter how many videos are shown about it not working how you or anyone else thinks they should.


    In the end what you think is right does not matter at all, you did not make the game, so really what you want is not important.


    Your mission should you choose to accept it Agent Brick is to not buy the next IW game{plays IMF music}.

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    Good reply and very true on why players do not like them. And because IW will cater to the larger playerbase almost every time and that playerbase is those that do not like them. Do not really expect them to ever dominate in CQC as often as would be assumed they should.


    I agree that they need a slug attachment or to be changed to slugs and move away from pellets. But should they do that and shotguns become the new close range QS weapon the community would rage even more about them than how snipers work right now.

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    Tell me how its a problem that a gun that fires 600+ bullets per minute has one fail.  Their fire rate is their consistency.  The snipers have range and accuracy that allows you to take your time and lead your targets.


    The shotguns have none of these safe gaurds.  Other weapons may also have per shot inconsistencies, but the effects of their inconsistencies are infinitely less fatal.  Its like a millimeter wobble in a tire.  For a normal car thats fine, but in an f1 racer that is fatal.  Different circumstances require different consideration for the same problem.  The fact also remains that the shotguns are not balanced in any sense of the term.  They have poor average k/ds and worse total kills than the average smg by a large margin. 


    I will keep at this as long as it takes.


    If I had made this game there would be a lot more people playing it now.

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    You can keep at it forever and it never will happen in this game. They are not ever going to buff the scatterguns in this game. IW does not agree with what you feel or think and it is their decision that matters in the end. Not yours or mine or anyone else that plays the game and never has been nor ever will be..


    You may think if you had made this game more would be playing but that is only your assumption and not a fact. So it is useless to make. Your idea of balance is not the same as the majoritfy of the players that play the game or the developers.


    If you feel you could do so much better then do so and put your money where your mouth is. But I know you never will do such a thing because you cannot. If you think you know so much more about how a game should be do it and prove them wrong for what they decide. Otherwise do not expect them to ever really care what you think or feel or want about how the game should be.

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    Actually I do know about weapon balance and regardless if you like it or not so does IW and this is what they chose for the scatterguns and it is not going to change no matter how many of these threads are made no matter even if 10,000 people complained about them unless they were the only 10,000 playing the game anymore.


    The problem is not the damage it is the lag and hit detection problems caused by lag. When in a good match the scatterguns work exactly as they say on the stats. Problems is too many people think they know what those stats really mean and do not. They assume the shotguns have a longer range than what they really do so used them beyond their range and thus fail.


    SG's are not run-n-gun weapons, they are not rush weapons, they are room clearing weapons meant only for extreme close combat in this game. They are not really meant to be used in open spaces or for long shots or even medium range shots and get one shot kills. They are only meant to get one shot kills at very close range and they can; yet that range is far less then what those who complain about them not working realize.


    All other weapons will always out perform the shotgun even in close range, since the shogtuns in this game are really only made for very close range. They really never should have been made a primary. And yes a very large part of the player base would not like it if they became stronger and became the new qs one shot kill weapon at close range.


    The only shotguns that really does not fit this is the striker because of how fast it fires and the aa-12 for the same reason. Not everyone likes or wants strong pump shotguns in this game. osk hip fired weapons are cheap and do not require much skill to use. And most players do not like them.

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    Here's the thing about QS Snipers vs "QS Shotguns":


    -Sniper has infinite range

    -Shotgun is the only weapon in the game that has a hardcoded finite range


    I don't know about others, but I get annoyed at Sniper excelling at CQC because they are designed to be long ranged weapons. If I could kill someone at Sniper ranges with a Shotgun, I'm sure people would rage as well (actually, people are already afraid enough of this happening to rage about). People seem fine with the M16 and Type 95 killing in 2 fast hits at close range while still being great and decent (respectively) at long ranges... People are mostly happy with Snipers being able to be used at all ranges... what's wrong with Shotguns being at least viable and consistent in the only ranges available to them?




    As for your "don't buy more IW games" advice, I'm already planning on it at this point. I started CoD with Black Ops and then moved to MW3. Seeing what BO did and what MW3, then looking to what BO2 is doing, I can already see that Treyarch will be the company to stick with. I just hope that they still have at least one of the pellet Shotguns that reduces spread for ADS, like the Stakeout and HS10 in BO. I had much more fun using those two Shotguns that any of the Shotguns in MW3 post-patch... which is funny when you compared the MW3 shotguns to the BO ones.

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    SG's are not meant to have safe guards like the rest of the weapons they are surprise weapons when used in the right way. You are not meant to be trying to face of against another player directly with them unless at their max damage range. Anything else and you are meant to loose.


    The reason why the pumps feel so bad in this game is time between shots. If they fired faster there would be less porblems. Which is why the striker does so well. If the time between rounds was doubled on the striker even with it being a semi it would not be nearly as good as it is now.


    It is those players that try to use them too far that have the most problems with them The MW3 SG's do not have the range of the MW2 SG's by any means regardless of what the stats say. And this is what IW decide was fair for them in this game. They do not have to copy paste the performance from one game to another. They can change how the weapons work even if players do not agree to it since in the end it is their game, their choice, not the players.


    That is one the major benefits of being the developer they decide what is fair in the end and players either adapt or find a different game to play. The guns are meant to change from each game and not just be copies of each other exactly in how they work. But players do not ever want to have to learn new ways to use the weapons and instead wish to think the set of skills from the past game should transfer 100% and need no changing and that is just not true.


    Halo Reach had the same problem where Halo 3 players did not like the AA's and cried about them because of how they changed the game and how weapons would work in certain ways. Those Halo 3 players just did not want to learn or adapt their game play and thought if they ranted enough Bungie would give in and give them back their Halo 3 way of playing but in the new game and it did not work.

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    Your kung fu is weak.  Shotguns are rushing weapons.  And if used properly the mw3 shotguns can have more range than the mw2 spas.



    You do not know the true capabilities of these weapons.  You don't have enough experience with these weapons to tell anyone how they are meant to be used.  I have seen your stats.  You are a terrible shotgunner and you try to tell us how shotguns really are is ridiculous.  That's like a student who gets a c in his highschool physics class trying to tell a guy at nasa how to build a rocket.

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