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    Its not the inconsistencies in performance at the edge of shotgun range that we have issue with.  Its the well place shots inside of max damage range that get hitmarkers that we find unacceptable.  No one here ever posted a video of a failed 20 meter one shot kill and said shotgun needed to be buffed because of it.  Shotgun range and damage at range is fine on the pumps.  We all agree on this.  It takes really good aim to get those ranged shots in core modes and we are fine with that.


    Striker with emags wasn't OP until you put range on.  Or got specialist bonus with both damage and range.  Its the long one shot ability it had with range + its spamability that made it an issue.  With damage it was basically the mw2 m1012 stopping power with a larger clip.


    Look at the actual buffs proposed.  They all have a strong basis in cod weapon balance.  There is nothing op about a 2 pellet kill.  We have had that on cod shotguns for years now.  Even with the emags glitch on the spas no one complained about its max damage.  Very few people have ever complained about high close range damage on shotguns.  Its not a logical thing to complain about.  Its always the range potential of the shotguns that people take issue with.  The actual buffs proposed here have little to no impavt on the range performance of the shotguns.  (except the aa12 one because that thing actually needed a buff to range damage)


    I can tell you one thing for certain.  This is not working as intended.

    And this happens too often for too many people to be left alone.

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    While I won't dispute that this hitmarker appears dead center on his core, there is another factor to consider.  You just jumped off a ledge, and you can see your player's knees buckling and recovering from the drop.  Until he's fully recovered from the fall, I think his accuracy would be less than it would be on a stationary shot.  Perhaps this caused fewer pellets to land?


    It seems most of the complaints relate more to lag than an actual problem with the game code for the shotguns.  I have very few complaints about lag (lucky me?), and I get fairly consitent shotgun performance.  Sure, I get hitmarkers like everyone else, but there is usually a reason for them. 


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    First off I am unsure if falls effect accuracy at all.  Second I am far pretty sure that accuracy is uneffected if no damage is taken (I was using dead silence for my 3rd perk so no fall damage was taken).  And lastly its highly unlikely that the effects on accuracy that a short fall that caused no damage would produce would last for the almost full second after I hit the ground to the time where I shot. 

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    Most of the clips people post demonstrating the inconsistencies show inconsistencies in aiming more than anything.  I always pause the clip when the hitmarker first appears, and it's usually centered around an elbow, or the tip of some of extremity.  I would expect a hitmarker on the edge of the hitbox will have at least half the pellets missing, not to mention some percentage of the pellets going over or under.  This would mean only a couple would actually do damage.


    Your clip is different from those because your hitmarker is dead center.  Had you not taken that fall just prior (it seems longer because you slowed it down in your video), I would question it.  I was just pointing out that there is another factor.


    I'm almost certain that a fall would affect accuracy until the player recovers.  Similar to how taking a sniper shot while moving will usually yield a less accurate shot than a stationary one.  Since we can't say for sure, I'm leaning on that uncertainty.  Perhaps Dead Silence elimates damage (red screen), but has no effect on fall recovery in terms of accuracy?  We won't know until someone from IW chimes in (I won'thold my breath) with facts.


    This late in game, I wouldn't expect any changes.  What you have is what you'll have to live with.  Fortunately for me, shotguns are still fun and any inconsistencies are usually related to other factors besides weak code.

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    No prior damage, perfectly centered shot. The first hitmarker anyway.  The second one was to show that smoke didn't show up in theater mode so disregard that one.

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    I don't have an explanation for that clip.  At that range, your shot appears to have been good enough for the kill.  Seemingly unnecessary hitmarkers occur with other weapons as well, but as had been said, the slow reload of the pumps is definitely its weakness.  There is no time for recovery, even to a hipfired AR in this situation.


    Do you recall if you had Quickdraw on that class?

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    This clip here pretty much sums up all of my frustrations with MW3. Take an accurate shot that should have been a kill, but NO! Get a hitmarker and somehow that guy (inaccurately) hipsprays with an Assault Rifle and kills you. I used to keep clips like that in my fileshare, but it just took up too much time.

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    I have only ever put quick draw on my lmg class. 

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    I'll add this clip in as this is my last post on this thread.