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Call of duty elite clan ps3 ! JOIN NOW

Hey everyone !

Ive just made a new Call of Duty Elite Clan named END N DIE  anyone  with a K'd   Of 1+ can join and i dont care if your premium or not ! Add me on psn insainslayer56 and send me a message if you want to join or even versus me to see what kind of skill i have !  we need people so that we can do clan ops and just play together ! will be playing all the time and just being freaks !

Thanks everyone !


Also just for the pros out there and that who want to know if i have skill my stats are as follow -


level- prestige 1 level 45

k'd - 1.43

best kill streak with only guns no deaths 34

best game- 34-1

how many times got dogs- 58



level- 80

k'd- 1.39

best streak with only guns no deaths 29

best game - 76-1

moab- 3