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PS3 MW3 Clan recruiting - Adults (25+) - Mature Older GamerZ USA CAN UK EU - also on Battlefield

We are currently playing MW3 and Battlefield3 on PS3 - YOU MUST BE 25+ - No skills requirement, just want to be part of a team, communicate in game, PTFO, make new friends, enjoy the game!


We expect to be playing Black Ops2 (November 13th) and Medal of Honour (October 26th) soon.


Our focus for now is on having fun, in the future we can organise clan vs clan and GameBattles matches. We aim to build a small (50-100 members) clan to maintain a family feel.


While this is a new clan the Admins come from another successful clan they helped create, who want the challenge of starting again - Join us now to help form The MOGZ. The MogZ of War - Mature Older GamerZ.


Ladies welcome, all backgrounds welcome, USA CAN EU UK. 21-25 year olds welcome where we know them to be mature.