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the scar L v the m4a1

which do you prefer is better. i like the m4a1 because i dont end up losing a full mag killing a 1 enemy

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    M4. Scar has a nice range, but I like the low recoil and the high rate of fire of the M4.

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    I like both, but to me, it seems like the Scar puts down enemies faster.

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    If you're using a full mag to kill an enemy, you're not aiming correctly. Try changing to a lower sensitvity.

    I find autotmatic weapons to be uninteresting, but I would favor the SCAR for it's quick reload cancel and clear irons.

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    Even in HC, both of these guns get more hit markers than I would like.


    The Scar seems to have more stopping power, but the clip is so small I find myself reloading a lot. Its definitely not as fun to use as the Scar-H was in MW2.


    The M4A1 is fun to use, but its so weak at times. I get more hit markers with this gun... IN HC, than I do with any other weapon, including the FAD<we'll see if that changes with the "buff">.


    I think the aim argument is invalid, though true at times of course. I get the same shot with an ACR the opponent goes down, with an M4A1 and at times the Scar-L I may as well be throwing the bullets at him for all the good it does.

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    The Scar-L has a 30 round clip actually just like the M4A1 it depends how you use the weapon both are accurate but the M4A1 has better damage in close so if you wanna Rush go with the M4A1 if you want a more close to mid range engagement go with the Scar-L.

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    I love the scar-l i use over the m4a1 because to me the scar-l  has the better iron sight so i can deal with that and i can put kick and silencer on it but with the m4a1 i cant stand the iron sights so i usually have to put attachments red dot plus silencer which means i would not be able to keep on target for those long distance engagements unless i burst fire which i kinda hate

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    I maybe weird but I choose a gun on iron sights so I'd have to say the scar, but I believe the m4 is better.

    I'd use the the m4 then the scar over the acr if they had sights like the acr.


    The scar sight is bad at range you get a big circle so it can take a few shots to get homed in and the m4 sight is crap.

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    I think they are both great, but somewhat ruined if you put at surpressor on them. If i had to pick one it would be the M4A1 with rds and ext mags just for the better fire rate over the Scar