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may get flamed here butI think I noticed something....


Call me crazy but I think alot of people ive seen tear up with a Striker have modded controllers. Awhile back I played a few games against people who had obvious modded Barrets, RSASS's, MK14's and the such. Well there were a couple games when a couple people on there team were using strikers and they tore up with them. It hit me as I was watching killcams that the Striker users also had modded controllers. The way they fired and there title said "Mods r us" or something of the nature lol. At first it didnt hit me because ive seen people fire off Stikers like this before so it was just normal. But after I realized It all became clear to me.


Now ive never had an issue with any gun on here. My point of this thread is that I think some people who use a modded remote use shottys to kinda hide the fact.


Im not saying that many people are awesome with the Striker without a modded controller but just keep your eye out and I bet you will notice. They are really as easy to spot as a Modded RSASS.