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i need a clan (xbox)

Age. 22

Live. US

Rank. 8th prestige level 74

Game type. Core

Kd. 1.6

Gamertag. Strategic Luck

Elite status. Premium



I'm looking for a clan that has active and daily players. I'm tired of going into matches alone which ends up dropping my Kd. I want people who have mics and understand how to play the game. I will try out if needed. Just send me a message or invite. Any other questions you want answered just ask

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    I sent you a friend request and a message talking about the clan. My gamertag is SsKx BeAsT

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    Hey I just started up a clan last week, Predator Theory.

    The only thing is we only have three members at the time, but are looking to keep stocking our team with solid members. That's why I think you would be a perfect fit with us.  We are looking to start getting a little more active in competitions and on Elite. But we just need a little bit of help getting started and up on our feet. If you're not interested I understand, but if you are interested check us out, and apply at http://www.predatortheory.enjin.com and mesage me at iiBig Bad Wolf and we can straighten out some details


    Hope to hear back from you soon.

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    You should look into the LightsOut clan. We play Core modes and are a very active clan. If you would like an invite or have any questions you can message me at my gamertag: SoccerFreak425.