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Predator Theory Recruiting For [Xbox 360]


Predator Theory is a couple of weeks old and still looking for more solid members, both guys and ladies.

I think this clan is a great place with lots of opportunity waiting for you.

Since being founded, we have ranked up to 90th on the Top MW3 clans site, and are climbing the ranks fast.

We have a range of skill set members and different levels for everyone. Whether you want a clan that's Competitive, Casual, or Social we can offer all of that. We have a team started on gamebattles just waiting to get started, and are on Elite just waiting for the next Clan Ops to start, and we play for fun every night. Pretty soon we are going to have in-clan contests, and there's a possibility you can win something. We have a successful ranking system. There's lots we can offer, but go see for yourself at http://www.predatortheory.enjin.com and message me at iiBig Bad Wolf. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


What we will be expecting:

  • Be at least 16+ years of age (Considerations can be made)
  • Have a K/D of at least 1.25
  • To play on the Xbox 360
  • Have a mic for communication
  • No modding allowed
  • Have an account on Elite (Premium is preferred, but Free is still welcomed)


http://www.predatortheory.enjin.com <---- Check us out today. Opportunity awaits.