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Please, PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT BRING BACK THE DREADED KNIFE!

Yes, they removed Commando in BLOPs and MW3, and they even removed Marathon/Lightweight in MW3, but panic knifing is still rampant in both games, worse than ever! The no-skill one-button kill that trumps Shotguns and SMGs alike in CQC has been driving people crazy for three games straight, constantly buzzkilling players who actually treat the game like a first-person-shooter! There are no excuses for panic knifing, if you do it you are just plain bad, but sadly there are a lot of bad players so the only solution I can see is for Treyarch (who I know cares more about balance than IW) to abolish the blade once and for all! Imagine a CoD without panic knifing! It would be glorious! Maybe they could keep the knife in Zombies and Campaign where it won't bother people, but in MP it has GOT TO GO!!!

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