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Twisted thing

Wow i remember Newbies (new players) were the one using FMG akimbos and being noobs.


You could always take them down even tho they are using most OP weapon.


And "Pros" were using hard weapons (the ones that is not easy to get kill with)




And now i see "pros" using fmg akimbos.


Sometimes in random tdm lobby i throw an eye on leaderboards to check kdrs and i see like lvl 80 10th stige with kdr 2.58


: O must be a pro i say.


At the start of the match he ran into group of my team and sprayed FMG akimbos.



This is just wrong.

Also since i made a thread,i want to mention how i didnt see,not even ONE hacker past 10 days.

And i am active pretty much a lot.