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Need a good clan?



This announcement is to inform you that Inevitable Reapers are currently recruiting for the PS3 & 360 Platforms and PC in our MW3 Division. We are accepting both 1st Battalion (North America) and 2nd Battalion (Europe) applications.


What SC is about: You must have a mic and be able to attend practices on a regular basis. There is no skill level or rank needed, any applicnts that meet the requirements will be approved. When IR plays in full 6 or 9 man partys we use comms and teamwork to dominant. All members get better and build chemistry within there squads.

U have to play the best to be the best. Come be apa

Structure: Inevitable Reapers is based on a military structure, as rt of something more important than your stats WINNING!

such we provide Squad types for every level of gameplay.


(IS) Introductory Squads: For those new to the clan, this is where you will learn basic tactics, teamwork, and obtain the skills necessary to advance your gameplay to the next level.


(ST) Structured Squads: For the typical competitor, that wants to take their gaming abilities to the next level, but can only play a few times per week.


(CS) Competitive Squads: For those seeking the ultimate gaming challenge. These are the squads that compete regularly in head-to-head clan battles, and are very active on Gamebattles.com and other ladders.


Please visit http://www.inevitablereapers.org to read our rules and regulations, view our ranks and structure, complete a registration form, and be sure to post a Check-In to start your Inevitable Reapers career.


We hope to see you very soon!



Clan founder