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Even after the buff, there's nothing that truly competes with the MP7 or ACR.

I think it's pretty cool that they buffed some of the lesser-used guns, but it would have been a lot better if they had nerfed the overpowered ones. Plus, the buffs weren't even that great. The MP5 definitely shoots and kills faster, but compared to the MP7 it has a LOT of recoil and a small clip. Pretty much the same with the UMP45. The AK47 is basically now an ACR that does less damage, and the FAD...honestly it doesn't even seem like they actually did anything to the FAD. I haven't tried the M16 yet, but I've heard it was good and it was definitely the most underpowered weapon of the five. My only worry is that it will be the next Type 95...but still, I just wish IW would focus on bigger issues like lag and spawning. It would be so nice to see people branch out in terms of the guns they use, mix the game up. That's what I do at least.