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PS3 Tryhard/Sniper Clan recruiting. (IamMe)

We'll play all cods. Depending on who wants what.

I'm gonna need somebody to set up a youtube channel for us if they can.

Hopefully we can get some people who can record too!

It's just starting up, and the first few members will help make help make future decisions! Act fast!


Here's how you tryout. Message me on Psn: "ImLijah" and I'll invite you too my party.

You will play 2 domination games. 1 Search and Destroy match. And 2 more games of the game type you want.

Or if you wanna be a sniper in the clan, 1v1 me and if you get at least 20 kills, you're in!

If you did well enough overall. Welcome aboard IamMe! (:


PSN: "ImLijah"