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Join the Hydra Nation Clan!

~ H N ~



Call of Duty Xbox 360 clan


Hydra Nation is recruiting active, mature players for our sponsored clan. Why Hydra? Simple, how many times have you got online and had nobody to play with? How many times have you carried your team? Or been the only one with a mic on your team with nobody to communicate with? Well with Hydra your problems are solved! We have members on at all hours of the day and night so you dont ever have to deal with that again. We communicate with one another,strategize and use our tactics to gain the upper hand. In Hydra we are looking for laid back chill people to kick it with, Is this you?



Qualifications: xbox mic, 17 years and up, no modded stats! Activley online.


Contact- HYDRAxCaptonize on Xbox live.


Look us up http://hydranation.com