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Hey I know that Hardly anybody will join because the clan is new and only level 10 but I am giving it a shot at recruiting!


So welcome To ELOVUTION we are a 1 person clan (Me) Who just started it and need other people to help. Yes I will be getting some of my real life friends about 10 of them to join the clan but i would like others to join to!


So we have No requirements You can be w/e Level and w/e kdr But we really need other premium Players too!

So what we really care about is How we play the game!


I understand because alot of call of duty players have lost their dignity because they want a golden clan tag and literally this is useless and i may recieve hate comments but W/e


So can you all please join we are growing and I am premium myself and will not stop until we are a level 10 clan!!!


To join Just go to this link https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3330589#clan-challenges

If that does not work http://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3330589#clan-challenges So we are a sweet clan who will often work together and obv need Players!


So I am from Australia And it is mainly A Australian/Nz clan but all other countrys are welcome to join in!!

If you need ANY more information comment below   Oh and also it is a ps3 clan for players who play any of the selected games MW2/BO/MW3 and getting Black ops it is fine if you only own 1 of the selected games listed you may still join