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Given out to by my own team-mate....... for doing WELL!


Sorry If I ramble on a bit too much here.   I'm doing road to gold with all of the guns in the game.  Late last night/early this morning I decided I'm gonna finish off the T95  (I'd only 2 ARs left (the other being the M16).  I'm playing TDM on Terminal.  I have a solid enough game 22 - 9, my team wins and I'm top of the scoreboard overall.  All good.


Next thing I get a message from some kid telling me how lousy I am, that I'm a terrible team mate, and I'm using the most OP gun in the game and I suck and my KD must be 0.6 or something like that.  This squeaky little twerp, who went 11 - 19,was actually complaining about the gun I used to help his clan win.  Normally I don't rise to that sort of thing, but I was so taken by the fact that I'd been berated over my choice of weapon that I had to respond. 


I decide to check him out on Elite - turns out this kid is a token glitcher with 40+ days of double XP and the gun he uses most is the...... ACR... So I say to him "you've cheated your way to 10th prestige, your favourite weapon is the easiest gun to use in the game, and you were responsible for approximately 1/3 of the enemies total kills in that last game and you want to tell me how I should be playing the game?"... He responds in that cliche juvenile American (no offence to any Americans out ther who aren't complete twats btw) way "Whatever man - I'm still better than you are"


I do hope they're still handing out stat resets for the token glitch.  As it turns out 2 of the other guys in the clan all had 40+ days of double XP too - what a nice little triple that would be to have all of those cheating turds reset.