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PS3 MW3 Black Ops2 clan recruiting Mature GamerZ - MoGZ - adults age 25+ USA CAN UK EU

Mature GamerZ - MOGZ - PS3 clan for players age 25+  (people aged 21-25 who we know to be mature will be able to join)




Recently formed clan, join now to help us shape the future!


No requirements for attending fourm or gaming with us although if you never game with us why join a clan ... its more fun gaming with friends!


MW3 and Battlefield3 - Age 25+ - Have fun, PTFO, communicate, make friends. Help each other on forum and in game.


Will be playing Black Ops2 and Medal of Honor.


No K/D requirements, just have a Mic and communicate.


We enforce a Code Of Conduct which pretty much says treat others as you expect to be treated, with respect and decency.