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I Was Right About The ACR~

I never been a fan of the ACR.. not because I think it sucked, but because it is such a good/easy gun to use.. that I feel it takes no skill



Ive had this gun gold for a while, but never use it for this reason..


Its just tooo easy!!! I was getting crazy game play when using it going 40-8, basically destroying with it..


with red dot and silencer, its like training wheels on a bike.


I just think about these kids I play against that use this and act all hard, and call themselves a beast, when using this gun, i just laughed when i was mowing people down with it... I donno I guess I like challenges lol

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    Good for you that are on the right side of the lag.


    For me is equal to use a weapon than another, i need almost a full charger of bullet to kill someone, even with the ACR,  so i can't say if a weapon is easier than another

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      lol i donno if im getting one shotted, and my bullets are like cotton to an enemy, i just reset my modem, and it seems that it fixes it..


      but yeah the gun was too easy especially if I run my sensitivity up to 10 i can just pick off one enemy to another pretty quick

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    Yeah it's easy to use but certainly not the best gun for every situation.  I like the G36C and M4A1 better for medium range combat and I'm playing around with the AK47 which is much better for range shots (not better than the ACR necessarily) now that they've reduced the recoil. The FAD is also fun (low damage but high firerate and big mag).  You're choosing not to use the ACR for what I think is the right reason (not that you needed my approval or anything).  You wanted a bigger challenge.  Makes sense to me.  I keep it around for when I need an equalizer against a really good team but I have more fun generally with the other AR's.

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    It's so good / popular for a few reasons


    - Instant recenter speed, high accuracy / precision. Easy to use

    - No big loss in losing it silenced do to high damage on range (30), constant 3/4 hit kill. Easy to get headshots with as well

    - Plenty of ars get a lot worse without kick, acr can easily use Focus and you then have a laser that doesn't flich constantly


    Bad or at least annoying for


    - Relatively slow AR ads (if you move around a lot you will need qdraw)

    - Average fire rate, it can easily get outgunned cqb even with Qdraw


    It's the best ar all-round, but certainly beatable. Famas in blops had more advantages to all the other ars (aug being the same gun with more random recoil).

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    Not sure why you having good games with a particular weapon is a problem? Posting that you do great with it will not decrease it usage but increase it. Your telling people "hey its great"

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      Weird. I don't know why the OP didn't like the ACR before. I used a token on it prestige 1 and I think most also did. I think the FAD is better now because of it's ROF. The nerf made it very 'useable'.

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        the acr is a good gun.. its just an easy gun.. I dont have a prob with the acr, its just not challenging.. I feel that if your a good player, you can use multiple weapons,a nd still be consistent in your kd.. But I see players jump from an acr, to an mp7.. and maybe a scar.. but thats it..


        Im cool with giving player props for good game play, but as soon as I see those weapons, for me it voids out their game play.. but that shouldnt matter to that person since they should play for them selves and not others.. but i will void them out

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      I don't think that he cares whether or not someone uses the ACR.  He's just saying that just because you had a great game with one of the easier guns in the game doesn't make you a great player.  The same player that you just beat in a rematch with both of you using the ACR might just clean your clock.  So don't get a big head about your win.

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      I never said not to use it, I just said it was an easy gun, I also said its funny that people act like a big shot when they do well while using it.. when they shouldnt