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ChaosSyndicate looking for members and matches ( Xbox 360 level 50 clan with forum)

Look at our most recent post for the most up to date info!





You have seen many of these posts before, but this clan is different.


We are an active group of COD players who are interested in expanding our forum with members. We want to improve our gameplay and make it big in Black Ops 2 But we need your help.


Our clan is a group of serious players, so make sure you have a respectable KD and are very active on cod (an age of 16+ would also help.)

Premium is now highly recomended, as we do participate in most clan ops. We enlist in any ops we would receive gold in only.


We also have a few youtube channels as well.


If you are interested in joining this clan, you will have to join our forums FIRST.

The forum is ragereborn.net, and just click Join 2TN and fill out the application. Be honest and detailed.


Do not send an application to our Elite clan without permission to do so. Otherwise, it will be deleted.


If you are interested in merging a small clan with us, please, by all means leave a reply with your clan name on here and we will review your merge.

Clan Matches are also wanted, so if you want to face us, we ask that you contact one of our members.


Just leave a reply with what you want to do.




I bid you all a good day, and you will not be disappointed by our clan