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Does anyone else miss actual hardcore?


I ask you gamers does anyone else miss real hardcore? I understand richocette was the easy fix to the cheaters, team killers and many more, but doesn't anyone else miss the real challenge? I don't believe there isn't enough playlists for REAL hardcore, as they are continuously adding and changing games in the community playlist. Many gamers including myself have been straying away from MW3 because of it's lack of hardcore, and if adding it would divide players to the point they worry about filling servers only proves the point of how many miss it. I agree with all of you on the cheaters, team killers, etc. BUT I can't stand getting killed because someone runs infront of my gun when I am firing. If you have that much of a lack of attention than yeah you should die and same for me if I were to do it. That is what happens in real life and that is what coined it hardcore. I miss playing MW3 as much as I used to, but I like a challenge NOT rubber bullets. Bring back ACTUAL HARDCORE TDM in the community playlist at least, would any gamers against actual hardcore have a issue with that?  Or have it in the elite play list, again issues with that?