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Black Ops 2 Multiplayer


If you watched the video for multiplayer you should know all this but maybe you missed some stuff. They brought back dolfin diving and crosshair customization. One gun is called PDW 57 MMS. It has a 50 round magazine and a total of 200 rounds. There is a device called Guardian that sents waves that blind or stun the enemy. I think it makes the other persons screen all wavy. They brought back the reflex sight. There is a gun called the M8A1 which looks like a . You can now use snipers without scopes or even acog. There is a optic scope for machine guns. They still have the Singer. One of the killstreaks is called the Dragonfire. They have riot shileds which look like secondary weapons because the people using riot shields have rifles. Also you cant plant them on the ground which can be good for blocking doors. They brought back the tomahawk. Instead of ballistic knives you get one combat knife. There is a bolt action sniper called the USB 50. Calliber. One of the killstraks is suicide bomber. It looks like you can create your own emblem. There is something called a shock charge which looks like it stuns the enemy. There is a gun called the AR-34 which has a clip of atleast 15 rounds.