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Join xKiL today!

Join xKiL, I'm the original owner "Isaiah0804" Psn, I have a lot of clan experience and I lead clans like "iOwn", "AC" (Alpha Clan), "BC" (Bravo Clan), And "xKiL" Today I'm starting up xKiL again, this is a VERY hard clan to get into but we do want to express that we are currently recruiting skilled members, if you'd like to apply send to the account "OzzyExile" you're appliaction, will review it and you're overall gaming profile, you'll be informed if you're accepted or not, thanks for reading and consider joining! Clan site is soon to be up.



-Current Memeber count: 11 Members (Formerly around 50-90)

-Requirements: Some skill of a sort of way, any expressive positive attuides, easy to abide rules and work with others.

-Recommendations: A Mic is not required but it's recommended, a good application, pas experience in clans, etc.


Now a list of open positions


-SiC (Second in Command)

-Squad Leader Position 3

-Squad Leader Position 2

-Special Tatics Squad (New Admission)

-Regular Members



3iC is filled and squad leader position 1, Position 1=Alpha, Position 2=Bravo, Position 3=Charlie, I prefer myself charlie overall.

We may start up in BF3 if we get enough recommended requests, or people saying they'd like it to happen. If you need to contact me message "OzzyExile" or "Isaiah0804"