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    If you have a team mate that's 0-6, 3-12, or whatever, maybe find the guy and watch his back or run with him a minute or two. A little help and advice (instead of abuse) just might help them turn their game around or at least reduce the negative impact they have on the team. Been alot of times I've seen what I thought would be an easy double kill turned into a death by a third opponent off to the side a team mate might have taken out. So instead of being a +3 for the team, it's a -1. This isn't a dig at the OP, just my 2 cents :) . 

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    I very rarely speak up in public lobby, unless some scrub is going 45-2 in Domination and then has the nerve to say " I'm doing everything you guys suck", yet he has less points then the guys going 20-23, pretty sure I will call him out and keep piling on untill he mutes me..


    But to call out players that aren't "very good" is kind of weak, ask them to leave, but to keep screaming at them is pretty childish. i've played with some horrible players that haven't a clue what their doing, I just leave and find another lobby, pretty easy fix

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    Not sure thats a dig at me, isn't that what I was suggesting?

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    nicedrewishfela wrote:


    Not sure thats a dig at me, isn't that what I was suggesting?

    No dig at all, I was agreeing with your sugestion

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    Hehe I was asking mgmo

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    I just didn't want my post to read like I was suggesting that you don't offer to help. I've actually read quite a few of your responses to different subjects on this forum. You're usually one of the few people offering anything constructive :)

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    nothing better when the guy at the bottom of your team gets grief , then the next game he goes top makes the ones calling him out look a bit stupid.

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    never happens

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    right cuz ur so gansta you never have a bad game do you?

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    I've had guys call me out the second I enter the lobby, just because they want to start talking trash on the 'new guy' in the lobby. Pathetic.


    When I am playing objective gamemodes, the only thing I consider in my performance is what helps the team win the game. Same things goes for my teammates.


    If you are doing nothing but killwhoring, even though I know that can help, I won't be as pleased as I would if you were to be playing the objective as well.


    The biggest thing that bothers me is when you get immature gamers that have the nerve to call out others when they themselves aren't doing all that well. Gamers that talk trash on someone and then go negative are even more pathetic than the ones that do good.


    I know ego plays a lot into this behavior, as well as the whole 'anonymous' feeling that makes people act other than they would normally.


    But to do all of this to your own teammates? It just goes to show that the only way you can curb this is to be in a clan.


    Let me correct myself there... a FRIENDLY clan. I feel I've gotten into a good one, but there is still bad apples.


    One guy in particular is abusive to our opponents and makes ridiculous claims about cheating ALL THE TIME! Worst of all, he won't hesitate to jump your case if you so much as get in his way.


    Aside from that, I enjoy my time in this clan a whole heck of a lot more than playing solo. It is nice to have a team that works together, communicates, and knows what needs to be done to be successful in this game.

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