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    last night i played a TDM with randoms and we got crushed.  I had a great game, which doesn't happen as frequently as I would like.  I went like 18-3.  that just doesn't happen often for me.  I was pissed though when I saw that it was wasted as every other player on my team went negative, including a guy and his split screener friend that went a combined 5-27.  I lost it for a second and said, "jesus, no one else can go positive?".  I immediately regretted it, felt bad, and apologized but I learned that I had it in me too.  I never had before.  sucks that the competitiveness of this game can bring out the a$$hole in anyone, including me.


    I don't think I will make that mistake again.  It is just a game, and i need to remind myself of that from time to time.



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    dont know what game your playing but have see it happen plenty of times , take a tdm game where its on kills and a guy is bottom, into a dom game where the guy caps gets the same ish kills but his score is far superior to the none capping killer.

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    Thank you for that. I do try to remain positive... have had to bite my tongue more than a few times.

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    The wonderful option of muting someone is a valuable tool. But if this happens and it will happen there is nothing to do but hope you do not loose the match (not this case)


    Certain people are pricks and they really exemplify their prickness more on a video game, where distance seperate's them,.

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    "It doesn't mean you're trash, it doesn't mean you're garbage"


    Trash and garbage are basically the same word.

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    I think you missed the point of the post.

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    Why play HCTDM? You played 10 minutes and didnt reach the score limit, sounds campy.Instead of playing with green guys get a 6 man party of friends.

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    I play HC TDM because its my chosen game mode. I enjoy it. My crew wasn't on, I was playing during the day on a day off from work.


    Again thinking you missed the point of the post.


    Interchange is a very campy map, its just the nature of the beast. Spent most of the game hunting down snipers. Most of the time I find TDM matches in HC go to the score limit, there are certain maps where this is not always so.


    There is a bigger point, here. No matter who you play with, there is a right way to treat people and a wrong way to treat people. Besides, some of the best players on my friends list are randoms I met through going into public lobbies.

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    That seems untrue at times. I've been in pre-game lobbies with bad people and good people and still ended up getting ripped off. For example, I have a 3.37 TDM k/d and a 2.60 OVERALL k/d. (No, I don't camp, I don't spawn trap, I Don't run with parties every single minute I play) I got into a lobby today with 2 people with .55's, 5 with 1.00 exact, and 4 with 2.00 plus. I get on the team with the .55's and 3 kids with 1.00's 4 games in a row! The 4 people with the 2.00's weren't in the same party because in the 5th game he asked the other 3 guys and me if we wanted to party up. All 4 of those games I had 50 kills and 10 deaths but still lost because the server expected me to be the team instead of giving me a team. After the second game it should have said "hey, these guys suck balls at this game. Lets give him atleast 1 good person." I mean I know my K/D is above average but that doesn't mean I have to be on my own team/carrying teams.


    Same goes for the people that don't do good at this game. It puts them on the same team just to get them raped over and over by a good team. Trust me, I know. I used to be one of those bad players.

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    I'm really glad someone else has noticed this. The abuse gets worse and worse as time goes on. I mean we can all just mute the entire team, but come on? Should we really have to do that? This game isn't really about having fun anymore, just stats, stats, and more stats. But then again, there are SOME people out there who purposely try to ruin games by racking up the deaths. My last game of the night I was playing 2v2 with my dormmate, and we were dominating the other team so they left and we only got 1 person to come back into the game before it ended. So it ended up being 2v1 and needless to say, the guy by himself didn't do too well. After about 2-3 deaths, he started jumping off the cliff in Aground. Over and over and over he would just run off the cliff. After about 3 minutes of that he just started blowing himself up with an RPG for the rest of the map. Needless to say, it was annoying as piss but me and my teammate didn't say one word to him. Theres going to be those people out there who try to ruin everyones game experience just to make themselves feel better, but its our role to just accept it and not act like a 5 year old on a playground. Play the game how you normally would, when the match is done, just leave the group and join a new one. Grow up, and act like an adult. Unless you're a 12 year old reading this, then in that case....just....be yourself and go to college!